Daily Inspiration - April 16

If someone asks you how you are,
And ‘thought you don’t feel up to par,
Remember this: The only line
He wants to hear is, “I’m just fine.” Marguerite Whitley May

No one really wants to know how you are feeling. They may ask, but they do not really want to know. Even when we tell them that we are not fine, they do not hear us. People don’t always listen to what we say. What would you gain if everyone knew that you were hurting? Would it make you feel better? Would it take away your pain and suffering?

Unless you can take your pain out of your body and hold it in your hand, no one can understand exactly how much you are hurting. If they did understand, it would not change anything. Yet, so many of us spend time and energy trying to make people understand how we feel physically. Why not focus that energy on learning relaxation techniques, improving your range of motion, learning to be more assertive, or just doing something that you enjoy? In the end, you are the only one who has any control over the amount of suffering you experience. Instead of trying to make others feel your pain, why not spend the time and energy doing something for yourself?