Daily Inspiration - December 6

Always remember others may hate you but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself. Richard M. Nixon

Grudges, anger, resentment, animosity, malice, we have all felt this toward others at some point in our lives. Can you remember how much energy it took to stay angry, to hate a person? It seemed as if our energy was all focused on revenge, making them “pay for what they did.” What created even more anger was when they totally ignored you, did not seem to care whether you were mad at them or not. That only fueled your fires and kept your intense hatred alive.

Have you ever had someone become very upset with you? It didn’t seem to matter how often you said you were sorry, try to undo the wrong, their resentment was steadfast. It was the hate that created a sense of “hatred” in you. Your attentions were focused again on revenge, justice, and acquittal. The energy that it took to justify, to correct your position was phenomenal. In a way they won, they hated you, but they also managed to drain energy from you by your hatred toward them. No one wins in a situation like this. Many of us must ration our expenditure of energy. We have little energy to spare on maintaining the fires of hate. Don’t destroy yourself because someone else hates you. If you allow yourself to feel their hate, or try to justify yourself, you will end up hating them. You will waste precious energy you could use in other parts of your life.