Daily Inspiration - February 11

Never let the fear of striking out get in your way. George Herman (“Babe”) Ruth

It can be difficult to make an effort to accomplish a task if we believe our attempt will be in vain. The fear of failing, striking out, can have significant control over our ability to believe in ourselves. In the “game of life” many of us make the assumption that we began “playing” with two strikes against us. Our negative attitude inhibits our confidence and we are unwilling to plan, let alone carry out those plans. To date, life feels as if we have a history of striking out. We, in a sense, become our worse critic. We purposely step up to the “plate” without our bat.

You, and you alone, can progress beyond your fears of “striking out” simply by making an attempt. There are no guarantees that every time you “go to bat” you will hit a home run, but at least you tried. We all make “home runs” at some point in our lives, however, like anyone else, it is inevitable that we will also strike out from time to time. Allow yourself to be less than perfect so that you can experience the “game of life” instead of sitting on the bench watching everyone else “play.”