Daily Inspiration - July 11

Man believes to believe what he prefers to be true. Francis Bacon

It is difficult, if not impossible, for us to believe that nothing that can be done about our pain. When we witness modern medicine at its best, we see that they do preform miracles. When we are confronted with the “learn to live with it” scenario, we do not simply say, “Sure.” In fact, most of us begin a long journey searching for a “cure.” It does not matter how many tests have been run, how many doctors we have seen, how many surgeries we may have undergone, we still believe that there is a cure. It is our belief, or perhaps our denial, that our pain will continue indefinitely which fuels our search.

In our minds we believe that if we accept the fact we will have to live with our pain, we may simply give up and stop trying. You might want to think about that a little more. Accepting the fact that medicine cannot “cure” you, doesn’t mean you give up. Quite the contrary. It means that you are willing to accept some responsibility for your own recovery by fighting back, becoming an active part of your treatment team. We will believe what we want, but remember, it is possible to live with chronic pain.