Daily Inspiration - July 12

Living up to ideals is like doing everyday work with your Sunday clothes on. Ed Howe

Why do we set our personal expectations so high? We aim so high that almost no one could accomplish what we expect of ourselves. Yet, we continue to strive for things that are not realistic. Our pain creates one more factor in our complicated web of personal expectation. We fail to recognize that our level of activity and endurance may have decreased due to the pain. We attempt to live a life by standards we established years ago. Unfortunately, we equate our worth by the amount of work we can accomplish daily. If we cannot work, we believe we are worthless. It is difficult to accept anything less than perfect. In the end, we are tired, our pain level is increased, and we feel unfulfilled. Perhaps it is time to take off your Sunday best and work with what is available to you today . . . not yesterday.