Daily Inspiration - March 14

Teach yourself to work in uncertainty. Bernard Malamud

For the most part, life is filled with questions. The answers to life’s questions come only through involvement in life itself. However, when we lack self-confidence we hesitate to act. “What if . . .?” replaces “I’ll try.” We wait for answers to question before we are willing to take any action whatsoever. Much to our dismay, we reach a point in life where we realize we have taken little or no action. Life somehow slipped through our fingers. While we were waiting for answers that did not exist, the rest of the world was living.

It is never too late to begin. Maybe it is time to accept the fact that there will always be uncertain with each step we take. But, we must walk the path of life. If we chose to sit by the road waiting for answers, life will pass us by. Today is the day to get back on your personal road of life. Living life is better, no matter what the outcome, than sitting idly by the side of the road.