Daily Inspiration - March 15

Human action can be modified to some extent, but human nature cannot be changed.
Abraham Lincoln

We have all heard the phrase, “It is human nature.” But what does that mean? We all know people who have habits that we dislike, but we accept them because it is their “nature.” There are other people who always seem to nag at us, tell us what we are doing wrong, again, that is their “nature.” They’re people who do not know when to stop, pushing themselves past their limits to complete a task or fulfill an obligation. We cannot change them, that is their “nature.”

We can talk until we are exhausted, however, in the end we have absolutely no power over any other person. Be it is their “nature,” personality, or temperament, they are who they are and we must accept them as such.

Sometimes we enter into a relationship with a person believing that we can change the things about them that we do not like. We cannot. Individuals are unique, each different, each with their own “human nature.” Perhaps we can succeed in modifying certain aspects of their behavior. However, we cannot change them. Nor, can anyone else change you . . . unless you allow it. Accept the differences of each person and enjoy their own uniqueness. It is the individualism of each of us that makes life interesting.