Daily Inspiration - November 8

Healing or Curing

Illness causes us to seek out a cure. Modern medicine can fix anything, or at least that is what we believe. We expect our health care provider to cure our pain. In fact, we demand it. Yet, as time goes by, we drift away from the hope of a cure. We find ourselves desperate for relief, but there is none. We seek out new treatments in hopes of finding a cure.

What about healing? Is it possible to heal and still experience discomfort? Yes. While a cure may be out of reach, healing will allow you to be a person who can experience life. Healing is slow, but progressive. Healing gives you back a part of your life that you thought was gone forever. Healing allows you to recover while you are still in pain. Are you willing to let go of your search for the ultimate cure and allow your mind and body to begin healing?