Going to the ER

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Almost everyone who lives with pain has been to the emergency room at some time.

You may have gone because your pain was out of control and you could not reach your own health care team. You may have gone because you feared that your pain was a sign of a new medical problem. You may have gone because you have no insurance. Or your own doctor may have sent you there.

A randomized survey conducted by the ACPA and the American College of Emergency Medicine Physicians found these reason and more among the 500 people with recurring or chronic pain who visited the emergency department (ED) once or more in the last two years. To see the full survey results, click here.

While most of the people surveyed were satisfied with their treatment in the ED, there were important gaps between what people expected from their visit and what they experienced. This site can help you know what to expect in case you need to go to the ED in the future. When you are prepared, you are likely to have a more positive experience.

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