ACPA Support Groups

ACPA Support Groups welcome anyone who is living with an ongoing pain problem.

The goal of an ACPA group is to provide support, validation, and education in basic pain management and life skills. Groups are facilitated by the group members themselves and the success of the group is a shared responsibility.

ACPA groups do not focus on symptoms or provide treatment of any kind. Rather they are a means for people to share what they have learned and to encourage others to create more satisfying lives.

If you are unable to find a local support group in your area, consider joining our Zoom Support Group? CLICK HERE.

Interested in becoming a facilitator or starting a group in your area? Please CLICK HERE.

ACPA Support Groups

Kenai, AK Apply Here (Name: Positive Pain Management)

Flagstaff, AZ Apply Here (Name: Living Well)
Tucson, AZ Apply Here (Name: The Tucson Chapter of The American Chronic Pain Association)

Danville, CA Apply Here
La Mesa, CA Apply Here
Los Angeles, CA Apply Here
Los Angeles Chronic Pain Support Group Apply Here

Monarch Chronic Pain Support Group Apply Here

Redwood, CA Apply Here
Vallejo, CA Apply Here

Boulder, CO Apply Here
Denver, CO Apply Here
Flagler, CO Apply Here (Name: Fibromyalgia Group)


Farmington, CT Apply Here (Name: Connecticut Pain Support Group)

Wilmington, DE Apply Here (Name: Two Are Always Better Than One)

Fort Myers, FL Apply Here

Gainesville, FL Apply Here
Henry County, FL Apply here

Chicago, IL Apply Here
Plainfield, IL Apply Here (Online Art Therapy for Chronic Pain)

Chesterton, IN Apply here
Fort Wayne, IN Apply Here


Beloit, KS Apply Here (Name: Friends with Pain)

Blackstone, MA Apply Here

Worcester, MA Apply Here

Detroit, MI Apply Here
Grand Rapids, MI Apply Here

Osceola, MO Apply Here (Veterans Group)

New Jersey
Livingston, NJ Apply Here
Newton, NJ Apply Here
Voorhees, NJ Apply Here

New York
South Salem, NY Apply Here
White Plains, NY Apply Here

North Carolina
Asheville, NC Apply Here
Raleigh, NC Apply Here (Greater Triangle Pain Management Group)

North Dakota
Dickinson, ND Apply Here

Cincinnati, OH Apply Here (Name: Journey to Hope)
Cleveland, OH Apply Here
Columbus, OH Apply Here (Name: Hope for Healing)
Lakewood, OH Apply Here
Sandusky, OH Apply Here (Sandusky Survivors)

Beaverton, OR Apply Here


Harrisburg, PA Apply here
Philadelphia, PA Apply Here
Pittsburgh, PA Apply Here

South Carolina
Hilton Head, SC Apply Here
Myrtle Beach, SC
Apply Here (North Myrtle Beach Chapter)

South Dakota
Wilmot, SD Apply Here

Texas Apply to Be a Texas Facilitator
Austin, TX Coming Soon
Round Rock, TX Coming Soon
San Marcos, TX Coming Soon
Waco, TX Coming Soon

Salt Lake City, UT Apply Here

Charlottesville, VA Apply Here
Falls Church, VA Apply Here
Hampton, VA Apply Here (Veterans Group)
Richmond, VA Apply Here (Name: Richmond ACPA)
Richmond, VA Apply Here (Name: Pain Doesn’t Rule Us Out)

Eastsound, WA Apply Here (Chronic Pain Empowerment Group)


ACPA Groups contain information that are for peer support purposes only and should not be considered specific instructions for individuals. Groups are not intended to represent the best or only methods or procedures appropriate for any medical situations discussed; rather the group is intended to present an approach, view, statement or opinion of the group peers, which may be helpful, or of interest to other participants. Participants should always consult their medical professional on all medical decisions, and additional sources of information to exercise their best judgment before making decisions of any kind. The groups are not intended to substitute for independent judgment or treatment by a healthcare professional. While the ACPA has made reasonable efforts to present accurate information in Group, no warranty, expressed or implied, is offered.

By using a Group, the user acknowledges and understands that the ACPA disclaims all responsibility and fault for the use and application of the information contained in this Group and for adverse effects resulting directly or indirectly from the use of group information, from undetected errors, or from the user’s misunderstanding of the group information. Furthermore, the user acknowledges and understands that the user waives any claim for fault that the user has, or may have in the future, against the ACPA and all of its subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, contractors, vendors, officers, employees, agents, insurers, representatives, successors, and/or assigns, for injury or other damage that may result in any way from the use of group materials, whether arising in contract, tort, or otherwise.

By joining the ACPA, entering your email address, and entering your name, to join an ACPA Group, I acknowledge I have carefully read and fully understand all provisions in the disclaimer above, and freely and knowingly agree to the disclaimer as written.