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December 2010 Chronicle

  • In this issue:
    • Focusing on Veterans with Pain: Almost all returned veterans face emotional upheaval when they leave the service. For veterans with chronic pain, this can make managing pain more complex.
    • Veterans Support Groups: The ACPA is devoting resources specifically to assist veterans with chronic pain. Read about how groups assist with peer-to-peer support.
    • Resources for Veterans: Online resources from the VA and elsewhere can aid veterans in filing claims for disability and improving their health.
    • Medication Use and Abuse: ACPA takes part in When Good Medicines Become Bad Drugs, an effort to share information about prescription medication abuse.
    • ACPA Update: A new PSA for opioid safety and an ACPA survey look at attitudes and behaviors about opioid medications.
    • Easing Holiday Travel: How advance planning and thoughtful preparation can help people with chronic pain enjoy their travels.
    • Plus…memories of friends and colleagues, new groups, tributes and thanks to our corporate sponsors.

September 2010 Chronicle

  • In this issue:
    • The 30th Anniversary of the ACPA: A look back at how ACPA began, struggled, expanded and thrived, with personal interviews from those who made it happen.
    • Three Decades of Support: Facilitators talk about how ACPA has changed their lives through support groups.
    • Looking Back and Looking Forward: The president of the board of ACPA anticipates the future.
    • ACPA Update: Connecting with veterans who have pain.
    • Board Member Profile: Meet Ed Covington who developed Cleveland Clinic’s chronic pain rehabilitation program
      Plus… new groups, tributes, updates and thanks to our corporate sponsors.

June 2010 Chronicle

  • In this issue:
    • The Magic of Peer Support: Support groups provide companionship, understanding, role models, and reduce feelings of isolation.
      Improve your ability to express your needs to your health care providers, friends, and family.
    • Solutions for Sleepless Nights: People with chronic pain may benefit from these tips for fighting insomnia.
    • Learn how this national effort to reduce drug abuse and misuse could affect those with legitimate medication needs.
    • Interdisciplinary Pain Programs, new groups, tributes, and more.

March 2010 Chronicle

  • In this issue:
    • How can we explain to health professionals and others what it means to live with chronic pain?
    • ACPA facilitators discuss how they break through the barriers that obstruct clear communications. Learn about the messages we send out about pain, sometimes without meaning to.
    • Understanding the difference between responsible opioid use and addiction.
    • Researchers look at how children can manage their pain through online tools.
    • Also, a study of controlled substance medication management agreements used by physicians, hypnosis for chronic pain management and more.

December 2009 Chronicle

  • In this issue:
    • The ACPA helps people with pain connect with the resources they need for medical, financial and legal assistance. Specific organizations are listed and described, with Web sites and phone numbers.
    • ACPA facilitators talk about how support group members help each other with guidance and references to helpful sources of information.
    • How nutrition can decrease chronic inflammation and help manage pain.
    • How to be aware of the dangers and take steps to avoid complications, thoughts to keep in mind if returning to the doctor after you’ve been healthy for a long time and more.

September 2009 Chronicle

  • In this issue:
    • Penney Cowan reveals why men need to pay attention to what their bodies are saying, and why we are devoting this issue to how men live with pain.
    • Men are taught to ignore bumps and bruises, life lessons that make it hard for them to communicate about chronic pain.
    • ACPA facilitators talk about being in the minority at support groups, and how they have learned that it’s OK to show pain.
    • Research shows that men and women approach and manage pain differently and more.

June 2009 Chronicle

  • In this issue:
    • Penney Cowan and ACPA work to help farmers and ranchers with pain through AgrAbility.
    • Giving farmers the tools they need to cope with pain improves their quality of life.
    • People with pain who work in agriculture tell their stories.
    • How service dogs are being trained to help farmers.
    • Proper disposal of prescription drugs, comparative effectiveness research (CER), a medical update regarding a new campaign promoting the safe use of methadone, and more.

March 2009 Chronicle

  • In this issue:
    • Exploring myths and truths about medication.
    • ACPA Members discuss how they manage their medications and keep their pills safe from abuse.
    • Health professionals review prescription precautions.
    • Navigating the insurance maze, agencies that can help you manage your health care plan an more.

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