Success isn’t permanent, and failure isn’t fatal.

Mike Ditka

We are all afraid of failure. Some of us see our pain as a failure, we believe that we are the one responsible for not getting better. Each time we “fail” an internal flag goes up to remind us that we deserve it. Our lack of self-esteem prevents us from realizing that failure happens to everyone. We are so caught up in putting ourselves down that we cannot see anything else. When we do succeed, we quickly belittle our accomplishment. For some reason we feel comfortable with failure and unnatural with success. We make our failure fatal to ourselves by not allowing personal mistakes. For whatever reason, we believe that we must be perfect. Anything else is failure. It is this type of thinking that prevents you from appreciating who you are. If you are not willing to blow your own horn, no one else will blow it for you. Thinking of yourself as a failure all your life will obstruct the positive things in your life from penetrating your conscious. You are equal to everyone else. All you have to do is accept this fact.