Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right use of strength.

Henry Ward Beecher

Our energy can be reduced simply by our efforts to “fight” our pain. When it comes to everyday living, we seem to feel depleted of energy, unable to participate. Each time we have a “good day,” a day our pain levels are low, we try to do a weeks worth of work in those twenty-four hours. At the end of that day we pay the consequences. We convince ourselves that nothing has changed—we are still “disabled.” In a sense we misused our strength. Instead of pacing our activity, we dove in head first. Instead of working part of the day and playing part of the day, we overworked and left no time for play. In essences, we misused our strength and paid the price—increased pain. Next time you have a “good day” make sure that you invest your strength equally between work and play. You are worth the investment!