National Family Caregiver’s Month – November

November 1, 2020 all-day

National Family Caregivers Month in November will be here before you know it. Caregiver Action Network is proud to be the organization that sets the theme for National Family Caregivers Month each year. I am sending you an advance copy of the 2020 National Family Caregivers Month theme so that your organization can start planning your own NFC Month activities.

The theme for 2020’s National Family Caregivers Month is “Caregiving in Crisis.” During NFC Month 2020, CAN will be addressing the new realities family caregivers face with their loved ones during these uncertain times.

You can click here for a downloadable version of this year’s theme. (Background info on the history of National Family Caregivers Month is available here if you need it).

In the coming weeks, to coincide with the NFC Month theme, CAN will publish five compelling caregiver essays that illustrate the challenges of “Caregiving in Crisis.” Remember to check your inbox for updates.

Be sure your organization follows and likes CAN on Twitter and Facebook! We will send you more great information, including a social media kit, as National Family Caregivers Month nears!