Society for Brain Mapping and Therapy – G20 Summit/Neuroscience 20

November 20, 2020 all-day
G20 Summit /Neuroscience 20

(Brain 20, Spine20 and Mental Health20)


Virtual Summit

November, 20th-21st, 2020–SBMT-Announces-Neuroscience-20–Brain20–Spine20-and-Mental-Health20–Virtual-Summit.html?soid=1132109433538&aid=8cr8keZCurk


The G20 Neuroscience 20 (Brain20, Spine20 and Mental Health20) from the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT), the first international brain initiative consortium covering brain, spine, and mental health, was established in 2013.

The first event was held in Australia in 2014. Its aim is to build a consortium of International Brain Initiatives and expand brain, spine and mental health initiative across the G20 nations and beyond. The initiative aims to create a global consortium of finest scientists, engineers, physicians and surgeons in order to rapidly introduce clinical solutions for neurological disorders, which cost the world economy hundreds of billions of dollars annually. The first G20 World Brain Mapping/neuroscience 20 Summit was launched in 2014 and was sponsored by Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT), Brain Mapping Foundation, Amen Clinics and Compumedics.





Goals of Neuroscience 20 (Brain 20, Spine 20 and Mental Health 20)


1.    Build a global alliance for brain, spine and mental health/illness.

2.    N20 encourages a Consortium approach to research and development

3.    N20 advocates for a Global harmonization of the related policies/standardization of data;

4.    N20 encourages a neuro-economical assessment of the future impact of disease, diagnostics and prevention;

5.    N20 Facilitating translation and Commercialization of technologies across disciplines of science in order to rapidly identify and introduce new generation of therapeutics including stem cells, nanotechnology, device and imaging (a nanobioelectronic consortium/ Company spinoffs);

6.    N20 advocates for Unifying global regulations and guidelines on clinical trials and drug/device- combination discovery; and

7.    N20 coordinating a Global partnership and new funding initiatives across academic, educational, industry and non-profit organizations.

8.    Neuroscience-20 is a critical Brain and Spine consortium to facilitate Integration of Nanotechnology, AI, VR/AR, super computing, multimodality brain mapping/Imaging (MEG), cellular therapeutics, neurophotonics and or devices which could address the fast tracking innovation, reduce the cost of the healthcare delivery and make it more efficient.

9.    N20 will be bringing the global Brain and Spine Initiatives together in order to identify best clinical and basic science practices and create a united front to push for new effective therapeutics.

10. N20 advancing innovation in brain, mental health and spine through a global partnerships between industry, academic centers, non-profits/Associations and government agencies

11. Set unified standard for training, prevention, care and advance therapeutics related to brain, spine and menta disorders including physicians, engineers, surgeons, nurses, chiropractors, physical therapists, osteopaths, physiologists and other related disciplines.

12. Provide capabilities at the local, regional and national levels to advance practice of clinical neuroscience (Brain, Spine and Mental Health/Illness) through advocacy by engaging health ministries and government programs across the globe.

13. Advocate for a global research and innovation funding for brain, spine and mental health.

14. Facilitating investment and commercialization of neuro-technologies for brain, spine and mental Health/Illness

15. Educate professionals, patients and families about the latest state of science, technology, innovation and policies in clinical neuroscience (Brain, Spine and Mental Health/Illness)

16. Provide accurate and up to date resources and data to the governments of G20 nation and beyond in order to adapt new policies for clinical neuroscience