Guilt can be a powerful controller. Experience teaches us that we must do what is expected of us—never disagree, always ignore our emotions—or we will feel guilty. Feeling guilty has this strange power over us. The more guilt we feel, the easier it is for others to control us. Our guilt is like a big red button on our back that says, “Push me to get what you want.” We passively relinquish our free will. It becomes difficult to identify our own needs, emotions, and desires. Our attention is focused on making everyone around us happy.

We believe that if everyone else is happy, then we will be happy. That is not true. When was the last time that you were really happy simply because everyone around you was happy? We become so entangled in pleasing others, ignoring ourselves, and always feeling as if we should have done more, it is impossible to experience happiness. The only person that you can please is you. Your guilt will prevent you from seeking the things that provide you with a sense of worth, pleasure, and freedom. Don’t allow your guilt to prevent you from being good to yourself.