ACPA Support Groups

While pain is what brought each person to the group, it is not always the focus of the meetings. Groups help members regain control by improving the quality of
their life and by reducing emotional and physical suffering. Topics in group vary and may include simply telling stories, discussing news, talking about current
circumstances, or sharing activities that help, etc.

Key points in our 1/19/2022 Group Meeting

  • Those new to Chronic Pain might learn from those who have many years of Chronic Pain experience… you can find this at group.
  • Similarly, those with years of Chronic Pain might find relief in helping those new to Chronic Pain.
  • Important to trust yourself. Multiple visits and unsuccessful treatments don’t mean you are wrong… it means you are still searching.
  • It is common to think Chronic Pain is your fault. But clinicians will hopefully work with you to form a plan that improves overtime.
  • Advocate for yourself and prepare for all visits… discuss goals in a calm and informed manner to avoid frustrations.
  • We are often angry and ask why this happened. Change anger to appreciation of things that are positive and build on those.
  • Find hope and surround yourself with positive influences, people, or hobbies.

-National ACPA Group-