When you are feeling down, you feel like you have a human power outage.

When the power in your home goes out, you quickly adapt. You search for alternative lighting. You cook your meals on the grill outdoors. You make an active attempt to correct the situation. You always seem to identify alternative ways to “survive” the power outage.

When the “power” in your life goes out (when you become ill), you have a difficult time making the same adjustments. It is not acceptable for you to lose the power of your body. Instead of making adjustments in your life and working toward a means to better cope, you may give in. While you might be willing to help restore the electricity in your home, you hesitate to become involved in restoring your own power. Taking some responsibility for your recovery can help you feel in control and perhaps even reduce your sense of suffering. Ask yourself what you can do today to improve the quality of your life and restore your power.