You’ve got to decide on an inner discipline to protect yourself. Step out of the interesting, dynamic rhythm every so often and focus on your internal life. Say “Stop the world, I want to get off” for a while at least.

Naomi Rosenblatt

Routine is safe, but can become too comfortable. There is a safety with routine, a constant set of circumstances that we depend on. When we establish a routine (habits) our daily life almost lives itself with little effort on our part. Our minds are not challenged. Our direction is predetermined each morning relieving us from responsibility for the day.

Going through the motions of life without variation can stifle your emotional growth, take away your identity. Without deviation from your daily routine, your emotional self becomes imprisoned by the lack of stimulus. It is only when we begin to alter daily patterns that our emotional self is forced to react. You see, as long as you remain in a controlled environment, your daily routine, the consistency of emotional reaction is unchanged. Today you need to break your “normal” routine to enable your emotional self to experience and grow as it was meant. One thing is certain, you can always go back to your routine long enough to reestablish a comfortable range of emotion.