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Fear of the unknown can be a controlling factor. For a person with pain entering a pain program can be overwhelming. A “blueprint” of the program from beginning to end clearly defined and what is expected of you after the program is completed should be provided at the beginning.

When you are an active part of the program you are watched and evaluated closely to track progress and identify problem areas. However, when you leave a program that is no longer the case. You need to understand that while successful during the program, you may still have some level of pain, still need medications and in some case additional treatments once you complete the program. You will have to take responsibility for continuing any exercise program, practicing the use of skills taught during the program, and communicating appropriately with significant others including health care providers. Pain programs do not take away your pain or take you back in time before the pain began. Life can be improved greatly by completing a pain program, but you may still have limitations and need to be seen on a regular basis by your primary care provider. The goal of the program is to improve the quality of your life, increase your level of functioning and reduce your sense of suffering.