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Pain Management

Living with a chronic condition requires changing the way you think about your health care and your life. The ACPA describes this as moving from patient to person. The information in this section can help you begin to regain control of your life and become an active participant in your treatment team.

Painful Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (PDPN)

PDPN Conversation Guide Guide to Discuss My Symptoms with My Healthcare Providers will allow a person to quickly communicate where the pain is located, describe the symptoms, and rate the severity of the symptoms. Click the image or link to download. ACPA Resource PDPN Treatment Goals Define [...]

Going to the ER

Almost everyone who lives with pain has been to the emergency room at some time. You may have gone because your pain was out of control and you could not reach your own health care team. You may have gone because you feared that your pain was a sign of a new medical problem. You may have gone because you have no insurance. Or your own doctor may have sent you there.

Basic Rights

People with chronic pain are often “people pleasers.” We find it hard to express our needs and require that others respect them. And when our needs are not met, tension is increased and our pain seems worse.

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